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Program Overview

Our custom lever design program will add excitement and beauty to your project. Now architects, designers, builders and developers can truly turn their vision of the perfect design into reality. We will be working closely with you at every stage of the way. In doing so you will be able to put your signature on the design and fabrication of not just hardware, but works of art.

Technology, Innovation & Streamlined Process

Our team of Engineers use the latest and most advanced technology to render CAD Drawings and 3D Printed samples. Following approval of the design we will fabricate the product using advanced manufacturing technology to produce these custom levers to the highest standards, while delivering value and on time delivery.

How to Get Started

To begin we need to know some key details about your project. This vetting process can begin with a simple e-mail to our program co-ordinator and transition to one on one virtual meetings. Submission of simple sketches even back of the napkin ideas can be pulled ahead with CAD drawings to review more detailed aspects of you design. Following approval of the CAD drawings we can move to 3D modeling of this design. This will allow one to see, feel and touch the design in remarkable fashion. During the entire process we can further discuss other aspects of your project including hardware specifications and any other needs of your project.

Our 4-Step Turnkey Solution


Discovery, Ideation & Design

Start with a simple drawing on the back of a napkin, graph paper or in a sketch book. Let your imagination run wild. Nothing is too simple or complex that we can’t explore together. One could even start with an existing design and make adjustments to it that better suit your eye. 

CAD Drawings & 3D Visualization

Send your drawing to our engineers and they will create CAD drawing to accurately dimension and proportion your creation.   Represented in three views you can make recommendations as to how to further redefine your new lever. Once we have an agreed upon design we can more to the next stage.

3D Printing & Prototyping

To make this program truly rich we have invested in state of the art 3D printing stations to turn drawings into reality. Once printed we will make arrangements for you to see and feel your extraordinary creation.

Fabrication & Delivery

Once you are completely satisfied with the 3D model we can electronically send the files to our advanced manufacturing facility for die making and production. After casting and polishing the levers move to assembly and quality control. After packing and labeling your unique levers are ready to ship.

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