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A pioneer of the hardware products industry, Lawrence Hardware has a remarkable history of success and innovation. The company proudly traces its origins back to 1876 when the Lawrence Brothers, John and Edwin, bought part ownership in a hardware store. For more than 140 years, Lawrence Hardware has been firmly committed to being at the forefront of the markets that it serves. This has been accomplished by putting customers first, a commitment that has guided the company from the beginning. By putting customers first Lawrence Hardware is able to create true value. This is achieved through the continuous redefinition and reinforcement of new and existing products in our portfolio. By being a cost-effective alternative coupled with a rock solid commitment to being customer centric, the future looks bright.

Lawrence Hardware Milestones

  • Founded in 1876 by brothers, John and Edwin Lawrence.
  • Became a Patented producer of barbwire.
  • Began manufacturing farm products.
  • Expanded their product line and markets they served as business flourished.
  • Penetrated the international market by the 1920’s. Shipping products to South America, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Added commercial ball bearing hinges to the product line in the 1930’s making Lawrence Hardware a full-line hardware manufacturer.


To become the preferred global provider of architectural door hardware in all of the markets we serve. Attaining our vision requires a firm commitment to continuous improvement in every area of the organization.


To achieve our vision, Lawrence Hardware will leverage its inspirational past and set stretch goals. Our people will continue to exhibit the value of looking after the customer. The culture of our entire organization from the manufacturing factories to the front end of the business will, without question, allow us to meet our objectives.

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