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Bright, brass,
 clear lacquered

Satin brass, 
clear lacquered

Satin brass, oxidized 
& relieved (antiqued)

Bright bronze, 
clear lacquered

Satin bronze, 
clear lacquered

Satin bronze, 
oxidized & oil rubbed

Satin nickel

Satin Nickel Plated, blackened, matte relieved, clear coated

Flat Black Coated

Bright chromium

Satin chromium

Satin Aluminum, 
clear anodized

Stainless steel, bright

Stainless steel, satin

Note: Not exactly as shown.




P600Steel, primed for painting
2C 602 Steel, cadmium Plated
2G603Steel, zinc Plated bright
3 605 Bright, brass, clear lacquered
3ABright brass, no lacquer
4 606 Satin brass, clear lacquered
5609Satin brass, clear lacquered
9 611 Bright bronze, clear lacquered
9ABright bronze, no lacquer
10 612 Satin bronze, clear lacquered
10ASatin bronze, no lacquer
10B 613 Satin bronze, oxidized & oil rubbed
14618Bright nickel
15 619 Satin nickel
15A620Satin Nickel Plated, blackened, matte relieved, clear coated
19 622 Flat Black Coated
20L623Bronze, oxidized light & lacquered
20M Bronze, oxidized medium & lacquered
20D624Bronze, oxidized dark & lacquered
26 625 Bright chromium
26D626Satin chromium
27 627 Satin Aluminum, clear lacquered
28628Satin Aluminum, clear anodized
32 629 Stainless steel, bright
32D630Stainless steel, satin

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