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8000 Series Motorized Latch Retraction Exit Device

Our electric latch retraction exit device allows for remote keyless, mechanical or electronic, access control in high occupancy/high traffic conditions where exit devices are required.  Common applications included hospitals, airports, schools, churches and increasingly common used in conjunction with automatic door openers


  • This is a very robust motorized latch retraction unit for our 8000 Series exit devices
  • Comes with smart module: On board diagnostics with audible feedback for adjustment and power issues
  • Push to set (PTS): 5 second electronic adjustment for post installation
  • Electric dogging rated for continuous duty - auto retraction if dogged push pad is pulled from position
  • Low current draw
  • Field switchable to a “high torque” mode
  • 6’ cable with quick connect


  • Voltage range - 22 to 28 VDC
  • System protection - unit will shut down when voltage exceeds 28VDC
  • Average in rush current - 1A
  • Average hold current - 180mA

Wire Run

  • 500’ with 18ga wire
  • 700’ with 16ga wire

Power Supplies

  • Recommended - PS210, PS220 or PS440


  • Request to exit (REX) 


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