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5000 Series Electrified Cylindrical Locks

The electrified cylindrical lock allows remote keyless access and egress control for commercial applications where security, safety and convenience are required.  Common applications include security control rooms, classrooms, meeting rooms, telephone equipment rooms and IT departments. 

Actuating devices include card readers, wall switches, security consoles, remote release buttons, telephone access controls and many more.


  • Continuous duty solenoids Non Handed
  • Low current Draw
  • 1 year warranty


  • Available EL Electrically Locked (Fail Safe)
  • EU Electrically Unlocked (Fail Secure)
  • Request to exit (RX)


  • Operating voltage - 12 or 24 VDC please specify when ordering
  • Amperage - 12V = 250mA / 24V =150mA
  • Coil resistance - 12V = 49 Ohms / 24V =159 Ohms
  • Power consumption -  3 Watts


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