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CRU2 Power Accessory

The CRU2 now “non-polarity” sensitive is a current reduction module that is designed to work with low current DC voltage electric locking devices (cylindrical locks, mortise locks or panic trim) that are being used in a “fail safe” or “unlock cycle” condition. When energized, the CRU2 allows the device to receive full current long enough for the solenoid to actuate. Once actuated, the CRU2 limits the current the solenoid consumes allowing it to run cooler, but delivering enough current for the solenoid to remain actuated as long as is needed. The CRU2 features a small adjustment screw for flexibility in the field, allowing the installer to fine tune the current and maximize the efficiency.


  • Accepts up to 30 volts AC or DC input
  • Current adjustment allows for “fine tuning” in the field
  • Allows “continuously on” low current devices to run cooler, increasing the life of the solenoid and reducing service calls
  • No more “hot levers”!
  • The CRU2 protects solenoid locks and exit trim from spikes  and blow back


  • Operating voltage range: 12 to 30VDC
  • Maximum Amperage: 1.0A

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