8630F (Smooth)/ 8830F (Grooved)

Surface Vertical Rod Exit Devices (SVR)
Fire Rated SVR Exit Devices

The Lawrence Hardware 8600/8800 series has a full line of heavy duty wide stile Panic and Fire Rated Exit hardware. This series is the perfect choice for safety, security, durability and modern appearance.


  • UL/cUL Listed:  Listing for Panic Exit Hardware and 3 Hour rating for Fire Exit Hardware
  • ANSI/BHMA Certified: Devices are A156.3 Grade 1.


  • 8630S (smooth)/8830S (grooved) SVR Exit Devices are used primarily for double door applications
  • 8630F (smooth)/8830F (grooved) Fire Rated SVR Exit Devices are used for listed fire labeled double doors up to 8’ x 10’ (2438mm x 3048mm)


  • Lawrence Hardware Exit Devices are available in the following architectural finishes:  US3, US4, US10, US10B, US19, US26, US26D and US32D.


  • Device Lengths
    Short (36”) actual end to end length 33-1/2” (850mm)
    Long (48”) actual end to end length 45-1/2” (1137mm)
  • Door Widths
    Short (36”) for 29” to 36” (736mm to 914mm) door size
    Long (48’) for 33” to 48” (838mm to 1219mm) door size
  • Minimum Stile Width
    4-1/4” (107mm)
  • Latch Bolt
    Top latch - 5/8” (16mm) throw.
    Bottom latch - 5/8” (16mm) throw.  Held in retracted position during door swing
  • Strikes
    Top - 812 (panic), 822 (fire)
    Bottom - 815 (panic) , 825 (fire)
  • Dogging
    Panic Device - Hex Key Dogging (RD) standard
    Fire Exit device - No Dogging (ND)
  • Dogging Options
    Cylinder Dogging  (CD)
    Less Dogging (LD)
  • Fasteners
    Panic Device - Machine screws furnished standard for HMD
    For wood doors sex nuts and bolts  (SNB) can be ordered separately
    Fire Exit Device - Sex nuts and bolts (SNB) supplied standard
  • Mounting Height
    Standard device centreline from finished floor is 40” (1016mm)
  • Door Opening Height
    Available for Standard door height of 7’ or 8’
  • Vertical Rods
    1/2” (13mm) diameter tubular with rod guides.  Top rod has two pieces for accommodating 7’ or 8’ doors
  • Bottom rod is one piece with a length of 31-1/4” (794mm)
  • Projection
    Push bar Neutral 3-1/16” (78mm).  Push bar Depressed 2-19/32” (66mm)


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