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Fire Latch Bolt (LHFL001)

This fire latch bolt is a temperature actuated bolt.  

It is installed horizontally in the lower edge of the inactive door with a matching hole on the active door

This bolt will automatically extend from the inactive door into the active door locking both doors together

Fire Latch Bolt (LHFL001) Installation

  • Used with automatic (LHFB810) or Self latching (LHFB710) flush bolts

Inactive Door

  • Measure 6” from bottom of the inactive door
  • Drill 7/8” diameter x 3-7/16” deep hole for fire latch bolt

Active Door

  • Drill a 1” diameter x 1-3/4” deep hole for plug at the exact same height as the fire latch bolt
  • Install plug in door


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