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PS220/PS220BB Power Supply

The PS220/PS220BB series power supplies are a high quality, cost effective solution for powering two electric latch pullback exit devices. 

These power supplies provide the necessary surge current that most latch pullback exit devices require. The PS220/PS220BB series offers features found on power supplies costing much more.

The solid-state design and careful attention to detail make these power supplies the ideal choice for the discerning user who requires a power supply that can offer years of trouble-free operation.


  • UL Listed
  • CSA Listed
  • Delivers the necessary in-rush current to power two latch pullback exit devices.
  • Independent inputs/outputs with priority sensing ... meaning with built-in delays each output harness the full capacity for the power supply
  • Solid-state design eliminates mechanical problems associated with relays
  • Thermal overload sensing reduces risk of failure due to overheating
  • Fire alarm disconnect link
  • Inputs triggered by dry contact
  • Intelligent short circuit detection detects shorts much faster than glass or resettable fuses and isolates the short to the individual output
  • Removable euro-style terminal blocks allow for easy wiring
  • Efficient battery backup/charging circuitry with zero voltage drop at power loss (PS220BB)
  • Solid-state reverse polarity protection for battery connections (PS220BB)
  • Audible alert when sensing AC power failure & low battery (PS220BB)


  • Input voltage - 120VAC
  • Output voltage - 24 VDC regulated @ 2A (56 watt transformer)
  • Temperature range - 32° to 120° F
  • 2 solid-state inputs/outputs (input triggered by dry contact)
  • LEDs - Red = power indicator / Green = Channel on
  • Enclosure Dimensions - 11” x 11” x4” (for the PS220BB, accommodates two 7AH batteries)
  • Requires (2)ea. 12V 7 amp hour batteries (batteries not included) 


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